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The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business


Ethical Code of Conduct 

Linda Pavek


The following is a statement of the Ethical Code and Core Beliefs of BeasyTrans Systems, Inc. 

BeasyTrans Systems, Inc.

6421 364th Street

North Branch, MN   55056




BeasyTrans Systems, Inc. manufactures a product called the “Beasy Board,” which is a transfer board which allows transferring from surface to surface using a sliding seat technology.  The concept of the invention of this product 

qualifies the belief system of BeasyTrans Systems mission statement, as well as their core values.  Our success is achieved through the aid and assistance that our product brings to the consumer.  The Beasy Board is intended to 

bring an enhanced quality of life to those that use our product.  We feel strongly that our commitment to the quality of our product, our customer service, and the trust and confidence that we have earned from the medical 

community is what drives our desire to uphold our business to the highest BeasyTrans Systems Ethical Code of Conduct is a guide for our employees, management, vendors, and all stakeholders that hold an interest in what we 

do and how we do it.

A LETTER FROM THE Director of Operations


BeasyTrans Systems, Inc.
6421 364th Street
North Branch, MN   55056


BeasyTrans Systems has achieved a strong reputation in the medical manufacturing industry and we strive to maintain that good standing by acting with integrity within every facet of our business.  This includes our interactions both nationally and internationally with our employees, customers, vendors and the communities that we are proud to be of service to.

BeasyTrans Systems is proud of the product that we manufacture and acutely aware of the responsibilities we have to the consumers that use our product.  With this in mind we strive to achieve the highest quality standards in every product we produce. Our reputation is one of exemplary quality and service and it is a standard that we intend to adhere to with consistence.

We are mindful of our Code of Business Conduct in all areas that we service.  We take pride in our conduct with our employees, customers, and vendors and through our community actions. We are mindful of our company guidelines, such as maintaining OSHA safety standards, EECO employment laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Civil Rights laws.  

It is with great pride that we carry forth a tradition of ethical conduct in all facets of our business practices.  


Linda Pavek
Director of Operations


  • BeasyTrans Systems, Inc. believes in the fair and ethical treatment of all employees, customers, vendors, and stakeholders.  We strive to achieve goodwill and cohesiveness amongst all employees and customers, we have a willingness to give back to the community, and we believe in acting with integrity in all manners and forms of our business.
  • BeasyTrans Systems will always strive to achieve the highest quality standards in all of our manufactured products.
  • BeasyTrans Systems will always take a factual and honest approach to marketing procedures and practices.
  • BeasyTrans Systems strives evaluate and understand the industry and the people we service.
  • BeasyTrans Systems will always use fair and honest pricing standards within the marketplace.
  • BeasyTrans Systems will enter into all negations with vendors using a fair and honest approach.
  • BeasyTrans Systems will adhere to all environmental, legal, and ethical standards in their daily business practices.
  • BeasyTrans Systems gives back to the community locally, regionally, and nationally.


All employees and management of BeasyTrans Systems, Inc. are expected to comply, at all times, with all applicable local, state, federal, and international laws and regulations.  BeasyTrans Systems does not permit employees or management to achieve results through a violation of the law or unethical business practices.  All daily business practices must be able to tolerate the closest possible public scrutiny. Unethical business practices include, but are not limited to:

  • Deliberate deception
  • Unlawful conduct
  • Disregard of company policy
  • Release of proprietary information to competitors
  • Bribery
  • Payments for illegal acts


  • Management will conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.
  • Managers will supervise and conduct all decision-making in a fair and consistent manner.
  • Managers will take responsibility for their overall job performance and that of their department.
  • Managers will conduct themselves, at all times, with appropriate and respectful behavior in the workplace.
  • Managers must lead by example.  This includes being patient and working with all employees in need of assistance and/or training.
  • Managers will be responsible for implementation of orientation for incoming staff, and ongoing training and assessment for all staff in their department.
  • Managers will be available to handle any disputes, as they occur and take corrective action when needed.
  • Managers will ensure that all employees in their department understand the company .
  • Code of Ethics as well as all other company policies and procedures.
  • Managers will create an environment where all employees feel comfortable raising questions or concerns without fear of retaliation.
  • Managers will be aware of the conduct within the company and stop violation of the Code of Ethics if they occur.
  • Managers will makes themselves available to answer questions or concerns of employees.
  • Managers understand and follow all guidelines as established by the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity), ADA (American Disabilities Act), and all Civil Rights Laws.
  • Managers will know and understand the difference between “breaking the law” and undertaking an unethical approach in a business matter.
  • Management will document and deliver to each employee, when they are hired, a concise standard of consequences for the breech of any ethical violation within the company.  
  • Management will be responsible for the understanding of the rules by each employee, and an understanding of the consequence or punishment of each infraction.


  • Every employee of BeasyTrans Systems, Inc. is responsible for adhering to the standards and values set forth in the Ethical Code of Conduct.
  • Every employee must know and understand that any violation of the Ethical Code will lead to consequences which may vary depending on the severity of the violation.  
  • Disciplinary action will include, but will not be limited to, formal written action that will require the employee’s compliance within a certain period of time established by the company, and may also lead to termination in the most severe cases.
  • BeasyTrans Systems will not tolerate any form of harassment or violence in the workplace.  No verbal, physical, or visual behavior will be tolerated when the purpose is to effect or create an offensive or threating and intimidating environment to another employee.
  • No employee of BeasyTrans Systems will be subjected to workplace retaliation or intimidation for reporting non-ethical conduct by another employee or stakeholder of the company.
  • No employee shall attempt to falsely accuse another employee of an ethical violation.
  • All employees of BeasyTrans Systems will conduct themselves responsibly and ethically at all times with vendors, customers, management, and co-workers.
  • All employees will maintain a position that is honest and trustworthy.
  • No employee will accept any compensation or benefits from vendors, customers, or contractors of BeasyTrans Systems without prior written approval of the Chief Executive Officer.
  • No employee will accept employment from vendors, customers, or contractors of BeasyTrans Systems without prior written approval of the Chief Executive Officer.
  • BeasyTrans employees are prohibited from taking advantage of opportunities that are discovered through the use of corporate inside information without written approval of the Chief Executive Officer.
  • All employees will maintain a standard of fair and honorable dealing with all vendors, customers, colleagues, and competitors and will not try to manipulate or conceal confidential and privileged information.
  • All employees will uphold the ethical business practices that BeasyTrans Systems requires and not misrepresent and of the facts or conduct any unfair-dealing practices.


  • We live in a diverse world of cultures. Throughout our daily business we must remain respectful of one another, embrace our differences, and work cohesively through our understanding of our differences.
  • BeasyTrans Systems will engage in all international business opportunities with transparency and compliance.
  • BeasyTrans Systems will not engage in any contractual obligations with entities that practice human rights violations and child labor law violations.
  • BeasyTrans Systems will not engage in any agreement internationally that violates our core human values or basic human rights.  We will not engage in any illegal activities.  
  • We will not conduct ourselves in any manner which would harm our integrity nor our reputation worldwide.  
  • BeasyTrans Systems will uphold the standard that no deal will be made, under any circumstance that would violate our Ethical Code of Conduct.
  • BeasyTrans Systems is an exporter of its products to countries around the world.  We follow all laws that apply to exporters including (ITAR) the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, (EAR) the Export Administration Regulations, and we are aware and adhere to all of the economic sanctions and anti-boycott laws.
  • BeasyTrans Systems follows the laws of proper classification of our product and all documentation meets the specifications for exportation.  We do not violate any export control laws knowingly or willingly.  We do not engage in any money laundering activities and follow the (MLCA) Monday Laundering Control Act of 1986 and the (BSA) Bank Secrecy Act of 1970.  BeasyTrans also adheres to the (FPCA) Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Anti-bribery and Accounting Provisions, as well as the (FCPA) Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.


  • BeasyTrans Systems recognizes how critical the interrelationship is between human health and the environment.  We follow all environmental guidelines and standards.  We believe that purchasing environmentally preferred products is our responsibility to our community and our stakeholders.  We are always striving to use the most environmentally friendly sustainable elements within our production process.



Dear BeasyTrans Employees,

Ten years ago BeasyTrans Systems purchased the rights to carry on the tradition of promoting a product (the Beasy Board) that we believe can help millions of people with disabilities and mobility issues.  We made a commitment to carry on the tradition of the good name of the Beasy Board, and honor the inventor, Mr. Robert Brantman, by conducting the distribution and sale of the Beasy Board in a fair and honest manner.  

We proudly uphold the following standards

  • The customer comes first.  Our customers come to us with a high level of anxiety and we will always offer compassionate care and advice through all of our interactions.
  • We believe in our product.  We offer a high quality product at the best possible pricing which will function and perform as advertised.
  • BeasyTrans Systems is committed to our employees, customers, vendors, and community.
  • BeasyTrans Systems will always operate our business with the highest ethical standards.
  • BeasyTrans Systems gives back to the community.
  • We strive to offer good and fair pay and benefits, a safe working environment, and ongoing training and opportunity to all of our employees.

Through the writing of our Ethical Code of Conduct we are proud of our company, what we have built, but mostly we are proud of the people that make it all happen.  That is you.  Each one of you is a valuable resource of BeasyTrans Systems and we do not take that responsibility lightly.  We honor and appreciate each of our loyal and hardworking employees.  

I ask that each of you continue to uphold the high standards that you bring to work each and every day and continue to communicate with one another.  Only through constant understanding of our work environment and relationships will be able to continue the success we are achieving. It is important that each of you know that if you have questions or concerns you can voice them without any fear of retaliation or retribution.

The “Beasy” brand has become well-known and respected in the durable medical devises industry and this is a direct result of the integrity and hard work of the entire BeasyTrans staff.  We have a responsibility to all of those and need and rely on our devise for their quality of life.

Let us continue to grow the “Beasy” name worldwide.  Through your commitment, hard work, and dedication we will continue to flourish.

Thank you.

Linda Pavek
Director of Operations