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Transferring Patients

After completing the 5 pre-transfer steps on the Getting Started section, we are ready to transfer. Always grasp the patient using the transfer belt low on the trunk. For some caregivers this is a major adjustment.  For years, caregivers have held patients high on the trunk, often under the arms, to transfer them.  This will not work with the BeasyTrans systems.

Next, put the patient’s legs between the caregiver’s legs and lean the patient slightly forward, giving him or her a little “hug.”   This should give the patient and caregiver a strong feeling of support and control. 

Work together by establishing a “1...2...3...GO!” count to signify the start of the transfer.

Transfers may be made in one smooth lateral movement or in shorter increments when appropriate. Use of a pad or a towel may be helpful when circumstances permit.

Complete the transfer.

The system moves to the speed you dictate. For best results, complete the transfer at a slow to moderate speed.  Use the momentum of the transfer, then rotate the seat and the slide “S” shape of the system to turn the patient into a final position at the end of the transfer.

With practice, you will find this method becomes a very natural and comfortable movement that places the patient where he or she wants to be - which is fully to the back of the wheelchair, so that no tugging or pulling is required after the transfer is complete.

Note: Grasping the patient high on the trunk will cause you to lift or tip the patient off the seat. The patient should be encouraged to assist to the extent that tey are physically capable. Communicating throughout the transfer is very important.
Note: Removing the board at the end of the transfer can be done easily by grasping the base of the board and rotating in a wide, gentle arc.