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Beasy Support

We are dedicated to our customers satisfaction. Beasy boards are made in the U.S.A and manufactured to stringent quality standards.  

We are pleased to stand behind our product. If you have questions or issues with your Beasy product, please contact our support department at 1-651-674-0212

Frequently Asked Questions


What sizes are available and in what situations are they used?

A: Beasy II: 27.5” -  used for standard transfers which don’t require more length.
BeasyGlyder: 32” - used to curve around wheelchairs with non-removable armrests.
BeasyTrans: 40” - used for larger clients or longer transfers (wheelchair to  car, etc.)
  • Hydraulic Lifts: $1,200 + , and the cost attendant setup and breakdown time.


How much weight can the Beasy boards support?

A: All of the models are made of special DuPont space-age materials and more than 400lbs.


What are some alternatives to Beasy boards?

A: Wooden transfer board: $45 plus the expense of upper torso lifting injuries and tissue therapy from dragging.
  • Hydraulic Lifts: $1,200 + , and the cost attendant setup and breakdown time.


What sorts of Insurance/Medicare Reimbursements are available?

A: Medicare code is E 1399 for miscellaneous “non” listed items
  • Patient must have Medicare Part B
  • Patient needs a prescription and Letter of Medical Necessity
  • No penalty for filing – actually improves chances to generate a code for Beasy products. For more information, check our Reimbursement Guide!

The use of proper terminology is critical for BeasyTrans reimbursement. When submitting a claim or writing a Letter of Medical Necessity for a patient, the proper tone and phraseology can mean the difference between a reimbursed or non-reimbursed claim.

Below are several phrases taken from letters of medical necessity that have helped result in BeasyTrans reimbursements. Each of these phrases has been selected to illustrate the general theme and tone of how other medical professionals have described their patient’s needs to require a BeasyTrans. You may want to incorporate these examples in your letter.

  • This item is a medical necessity.
  • The Beasy will restore the patient to their best possible functional and independent level.
  • The patient will require a Beasy indefinitely.
  • The patient requires this Beasy to have continued access to outpatient medical care.
  • This Beasy will allow the patient to remain at home with the help of an aide rather then having the need of a greater level of care in a nursing home.
  • Having evaluated several other products, including: ______, the BeasyTrans best fits this patient’s transfer needs.
  • The disk, not found on any other system, will protect this patient from shear forces which may cause skin breakdown.
  • When reviewing this product, please consider the patient’s safety.
  • The rotating sliding disk allows the patient to be quickly and efficiently transferred with minimal assistance.
  • The use of this equipment will enable the patient to function independently, improve the patient’s functional ability and provide a safe environment for the patient.
  • DO NOT refer to the BeasyTrans as a “transfer board”, but rather a “transfer system.”
  • DO NOT imply the Beasy is a “convenience”, but rather as a “medical necessity.”


Is there a list of reimbursement companies?


Yes. A partial list of both private and state insurers that have reimbursed clients for the BeasyTrans follows:


Private Insurers State Insurance Providers
  • Aetna Life Insurance Company
  • Prudential Insurance
  • The Travelers
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Met Life
  • United Mine Workers of
  • Intergroup HMO
  • Health Source
  • Lutheran General Health Plan
  • Area IV Agency on Aging
  • Aurora Health Care Plan
  • John Hancock Insurance
  • Continental Assurance Company
  • Blue Cross
  • CNTRA Benefit Services
  • Group Health
  • Unicare Healthcare
  • King County Medical Blue Shields
  • Commonwealth of PA
  • CA comp Insurance Company
  • TruCare
  • Health Net HMO
  • Mass Mutual
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Empire
  • Trustmark
  • California “MediCal”
  • California Childrens Services
  • Colorado Medicaid
  • Illinois Medicaid
  • Illinois Department of Rehab Services
  • Indiana DVR
  • Maryland Medicaid
  • Michigan Medicaid
  • New Jersey Medicaid
  • New Mexico Medicaid
  • New York Medicaid
  • Ohio Medicaid
  • South Carolina DVR
  • Texas Medicaid
  • Texas Childrens Services
  • Wisconsin Medicaid
  • Tennessee Medicaid
  • North Carolina Medicaid
  • Pennsylvania Medicaid