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Why Choose the Beasy "Premium" Transfer System?

The patented Beasy Technology places the user on a safe, stable seat. As the seat moves easily across the base of the system, not the user's skin. Consequently, shear forces and friction, present in some other transfer techniques and which cause or contribute to tissue breakdown, are eliminated.

How does the Beasy Transfer System help the caregiver and the patient?

It's a well documented fact. Lifting leads to injury. For example, patient movement tasks statistically place nursing personnel in the top percentiles of the U.S. labor force for back injuries. At the same time, the person being lifted is at risk for arm and brachial plexus type injuries as well as back injuries is tremendously reduced when lifting is eliminated. The frictionless, lateral slide is clearly the state of the art in patient transfers.

It's a proven fact! The Beasy is the most versatile transfer system on the market.

The design of the BeasyTrans Systems make it possible to apply sliding transfer technology to a wide range of transfer and therapeutic functions in both the clinical and home care environment. For example, strategic placement of the Beasy seat under a draw sheet allows a minimum number of caregivers to easily perform such difficult tasks as a bed to gurney supine transfer, and boosting of patients up in bed. Because the seat easily circulates a full 360 degrees on the base, both systems can be used for a range of motion exercises for hands, feet, or other body parts as seen fit by the medical professional.