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Beasy Transfer Boards

The Beasy Transfer Systems are made of the highest quality materials and manufactured to stringent quality standards. We stand behind our product.

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  • BEASYGLYDER #1300 is the 32 inch board. This board is a great solution for situations when the arm of the wheelchair is not removable.
  • BEASYTRANS The Original S-Shaped board, model #1100.
  • BEASY II #1200 is the 27.5 inch board perfect for small areas especially bathroom transfers.
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Check this out!  A special episode of the award
winning PBS program "INSIDE AMERICA"
featuring Beasy "Premium" transfer boards. 

We'd like to thank the staff and residence of the Edgewater Assisted Living facility for allowing Beasy and INSIDE AMERICA in to take over the facility for the day.

A special thanks to owner Doug Erickson for being so wonderful and accommodating all our requests.

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Beasy Board Training Video

Beasy "Premium" Transfer Boards require a learned technique.  The easiest way to learn this technique quickly and effectively is to watch the demonstrations presented on this instructional video. 

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Instruction Guide for Models 1100, 1200, 1300

Please take the time to read and understand the contents of this guide. The Beasy requires a little technique to use boards effectively. The Beasy boards are intended for use with the assistance of a caregiver. Patient and caregiver safety are our primary concern. Beasy boards are the "premium" No-Lift transfer systems. 



Beasy® Success Stories

"They determined that the Beasy would help in preventing back injuries."

The Prosthetics Chief at this medical center is a strong advocate for the BeasyTrans. After several departments evaluated the Beasy System they determined that the Beasy System would help in preventing back injuries. Regular ordering by this department prompted the Safety Office to take a closer look at WCC and similar to other facilities determined the rate of injury was not declining. They too made the decision to standardize with BeasyTrans on the nursing floors.

Crivitz, Wisconsin
Bill Maaks

"I was moved to try it for transferring our 8 year old handicapped son."

I am writing you this letter for the sole purpose of thanking you for building such a fine, helpful product.

In this day and age, we try to provide as much normal interaction with our handicapped son as we can, and to this extent your "BeasyTrans" will become more important to us with every birthday he has.

Should you ever need to use our name for any purpose regarding your fine product, please feel free to do so. We are extremely pleased with "The BeasyTrans" and would highly recommend it to anyone trying to transfer a handicapped person.

Once again, thank you for building such a fine product.

Ruth C. Shulman, OTR

"The Beasy II has made my shower transfer the easiest its been in four years."

Beasy II

As an occupational therapist, as well as a T4 paraplegic, I want to compliment you on your fine product. I am totally independent, using a routine plastic sliding board, for all bed and car transfers. 

The one area in which I do require assistance from my husband is transfers to a shower bench. 

The Beasy II has made my shower transfer the easiest its been in four years. At this stage it still requires my husband's help, but the shower transfer is done so much easier with your short transfer board, than ever before. The most difficult part of the shower transfer, is sliding my bare skin, especially when I am wet after the shower, on a routine transfer board. With your short transfer board my husband needs to get the seat positioned under me, but then it is effortless to slide directly on and off the shower bench.

I expect, that with more practice I will be able to position the board myself, and I will only ask my husband to be a stand-by for safety. Your original longer board, had the right concept, but with only one assistant, it was too awkward and heavy to handle, and the length made it difficult to position properly. I can, however, see its value for patients more disabled than myself.

Thank you again for allowing me to exchange the longer board for the shorter one. I am looking forward to your company manufacturing additional innovative and helpful products that will be a step forward for those of us who are physically challenged.

Chicago, IL
Misrecordia Heart of Mercy

This medical center began purchasing the BeasyTrans throughout the Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Kinesio Therapy departments for the Veterans to take home.

The safety committee became very determined to reduce back injuries. After several meetings, they came to the conclusion that the BeasyTrans Systems were a cost effective way for the nursing wards to reduce back injuries. They have placed over forty Beasy boards throughout the facility (which includes outpatient, emergency room and nursing stations). They also prescribe the BeasyTrans for the Veterans to take home.

Bay Pines, Florida

Due to significant Worker's Compensation Claims this facility uses the Beasy on all of the nursing floors.

After comparing previous years of WCC, they found that the rate of back injuries were not declining or leveling; They were increasing. The Commodities Standard Committee made the decision to convert the facility to a standard transfer system, the Beasy System was selected. This facility utilizes almost fifty Beasy Transfer Boards. 

Hines, Illinois

"In many cases it improves the quality of life for the Veterans as well as the caregiver. "

BeasyTransThis facility is one of the oldest users of the Beasy "Premium" Transfer System (they are located near our home office). They still recommend using the Beasy throughout the PT, OT, and KT departments and are using the Beasys on several of the nursing wards. This is one of the first VAMC to implement the Beasys in the Home Bound Health Care Department. As the therapist visits the homes of the Veterans they assess them in their home setting and determine the need for a BeasyTrans. In many cases it improves the quality of life for the Veterans as well as the caregiver (in many cases it's the spouse or family member). We have a strong communication with the therapists and receive calls on a daily basis.

Charleston, South Carolina

"I was unable to drive my car from June 15 to Nov. 10 when I made one of my best purchases...

The Beasy is my freedom to come and go as I please. It has greatly improved my quality of life. It takes a little while to master the Beasy but once it's done, it then is a whole new way of life."

Sterling Heights
Eric & Judy Hawley

"My husband's first comment when we first used it at home was - It almost makes me want to cry - It's so easy! Thanks a million for such a great product."

Lomita, CA
Ruth C. Shulman, OTR

"As an occupational therapist, as well as a T4 paraplegic, I want to compliment you on your fine product.

The Beasy II has made my shower transfer the easiest it's been for years."

Sarasota, FL
John & Louise Stanton

"I would be remiss if I didn't supply a little feedback after having used the BeasyTrans for several weeks. I'm very pleased with the length of my 40" board in that it facilitates transfers that were before unthinkable. The longer board has allowed me to overcome some architectural barriers that previously were formidable."


Lubbock, TX
Kathy Taylor,
Dir of Education Services
The MED Group

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with the Beasy "Premium" Transfer System I purchased for my mom...until we found the BeasyTrans, we were unable to safely transfer her onto the tub transfer bench. Thanks to your product, the transfer is now easily accomplished."

Joe & Barb Hawkins
Schaumberg, IL

"I am writing yo this letter for the sole purpose of thanking you for building such a fine product.

In this day and age, we try to provide as much normal interaction with our handicapped as we can, and to this extent your BeasyTrans will become more important to us every birthday our son has."

Greenville, NC
Tammie Hulberg, MS, PT

BeasyGlyder"This meets as well as surpasses her long term goal for transfers and has allowed Occupational Therapy to begin practicing slide board transfers to commode (she has been bed pan dependent in the past).

In conclusion, The BeasyTrans slide board changed Ms. Suttons's functional level from requiring assistance to transfer in/out of her wheelchair to being independent, after set-up, with transfers."



Beasy Photo Gallery

Seeing is believing..SIMPLY BROWSE our photo gallery with over 90 photos of Beasy "Premium" Transfer Board applications. 

Beasy provides an effective "No-Lift" transfer system that will improve your quality of life, provide renewed freedom and increase your independence potential. This gliding technology can be applied to a wide range of transfer and therapeutic functions in clinical and home care environments.

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