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There are many reasons to do podcasts. We can’t speak for everyone else, but our #1 reason was to not only familiarize customers with the products we sell, but to also offer instructions, helpful tips, hope, and above all, an avenue for patients and caregivers alike to regain their dignity and freedom of mobility.
Given the unique design of our flagship patient transfer systems, podcasts let us tell you more of what you really need to know to make the most your particular situation.
We also know that healing and recovery don’t just involve the physical aspects in life. That’s when it was decided that we’d touch on topics that relate to dealing with things that shape our everyday lives, as do the setbacks. But, so do the triumphs. And sometimes, you just need a good laugh!

We hope you enjoy them, and don’t forget to subscribe.

  • Regain independence
  • Safe transfers
  • Restored dignity
  • Life topics
  • Better Living
  • Whole Health
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