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When You Buy A Product From BeasyTrans Systems Inc, The Customer Relations Should Not End There.

When You Buy A Product From BeasyTrans Systems Inc, The Customer Relations Should Not End There.

And before you buy,

we know it’s best to be clear on what you need, and what you need your products to do.


And before you buy,

we know it’s best to be clear on what you need, and what you need your products to do.


If there is any information not answered, or not presented clearly enough in this FAQ section, we’re here to help. Please contact us via chat, email anytime, or give us a call at 833-466-4376 or 651-674-0212 Mon-Fri. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard time.
Which board do I choose?

This depends on your needs and mobility level.

Choose the #1100 Original Beasy Trans when:

  • you have ample room to safely complete a  transfer
  • transferring to/from a car
  • you are a bariatric patient
  • your wheelchair cannot get close enough to a seat or bed

Choose the #1200 Beasy II when:

  • transferring in small or tight spaces
  • transferring to a shower seat or commode
  • transferring without assistance

Choose the #1300 Beasy Glyder when:

  • wheelchair arms are not removable
  • transferring to a car, if you can get closer to the seat
  • transferring in an airplane
Where can I purchase one?

You may securely purchase any of our products directly from us on this website, or find an authorized BeasyTrans Systems dealer near you, using our Dealer Locator.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at:  1-833-466-4376 or 1-651-674-0212 Mon-Fri. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time.

What sizes are available for the Premium Transfer Systems?
  • Beasy II: 28” – used for standard transfers which don’t require more length.
  • BeasyGlyder: 32” – used to curve around wheelchairs with non-removable armrests.
  • BeasyTrans: 40” – used for bariatric or longer transfers (wheelchair to car, etc.)
What alternatives are there to the Premium Transfer Systems?
  • Wood and Plastic transfer boards are less expensive, but do not provide a “No Lift” option, requiring the care giver to both lift and drag the person across the surface.
  • Hydraulic Lifts are far more expensive, much more time consuming, and don’t offer a “portability factor”.
How much weight can Beasy Transfer Systems support?
Depending on the model, the maximum rated weight limits are:

  • 400 lbs (approx. 181.4 kg) for all Premium Transfer Systems
  • 600 lbs (approx. 272.2 kg) for all of our Wood Boards.
  • 500 lbs (approx. 226.8 kg) for our new Plastic Specialty Bathroom  Board and 350 lbs for the Easy Grasp #2200P and the Curved #2600P Plastic Boards.
How do I clean my transfer board(s)?

On the back of the board you will see a track guard. This is held on by 4 small pins. These pins can easily be popped off with a flat head screw driver and a light tap with a hammer. There is a nut that holds the seat on. This can be screwed off to remove the seat and glide sheet. Sanitize as needed and replace the seat, glide sheet and pins in the track guard. Boards should be lightly lubricated with frequent use by lightly spraying the top of the board (not the seat), and rubbing well with a soft cloth. You can purchase Beasy clear lubricant spray, or use a cooking type spray (we do not guarantee that cooking spray will not stain clothing).

To Lubricate the Board:

If you have taken the board apart to clean it, you can put a light amount of lubricant spray on the bottom of the glide sheet that sits closest to the board. OR, if you do not wish to take the board apart, on the front of the board you will see an open line (groove) in the middle of the board that the rotating seat follows. Apply a light amount of spray around that line and rub well with a clean, soft cloth.
When putting the seat back on, remember to lightly finger tighten the nut and then loosen the nut just enough so that the seat slides easily. The nut should never be tight.

What Insurance/Medicare Reimbursement options are available?

Most Beasy Dealers do not submit to insurance for you. You can call us, and we will give you contact information for the companies we know that will offer this service. Most patients will need to submit it on their own to their insurance.

Because we do not have a HCPC code, submit your claim to your insurance and ask them to use code: E1399, which is a miscellaneous medical equipment code. When submitting, it is important that you include a doctor’s prescription for the board, stating why the gliding, rotating seat is needed for your medical needs.
Example: This patient has easily torn skin from sliding across standard transfer boards. The gliding seat on the Beasy transfer system allows them to transfer with no friction on the skin.

What is your return policy on purchased items?

BeasyTrans Systems, Inc. is the manufacturer of premium transfer boards. Beasy products are sold through authorized Beasy Dealers. In order to return your premium transfer board, you should contact the dealer that you purchased it from.

Please remember to keep all your purchase information and receipts.

What is your warranty on purchased items?

Beasy Transfer Systems are made of the highest quality materials, and manufactured to stringent quality standards. We are pleased to stand behind our products with the following warranty:

Under normal use and treatment, the materials and workmanship of the Beasy transfer systems are warranted for a lifetime for the purchaser only – with receipt. This warranty covers repair and/or replacement. The decision to repair or replace will be at the sole discretion of BeasyTrans Systems, Inc.

How much training is needed to be able to use the boards easily and safely?

As with most anything, achieving the necessary expertise in using a device depends on the person(s) ability to master the basics, practice for a given situation, the environment, and certainly the mobility of the patient.

Each patient’s medical needs are different, and using a Beasy transfer system will take you some time to learn how it will work for you. To learn your unique technique, follow the Instruction Guide that came with your transfer system. A Beasy Instructional Video is also available on this site under the Support Tab. If you have any questions or trouble with finding your individual technique, please feel free to contact our team at 833-466-4376. We are happy to help.

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